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What choices are there for senior living?
To move or not to move

Attachment to a home, neighborhood, friends or family nearby are reasons not to move.

Life changes, retirement or the need for care are reasons to look at moving.

In the event you are planning on selling your existing home, contact Elaine Ashby. She will help you with obtaining the best price and the least amount of inconvenience.

A few choices to consider are:

* Aging In Place
* Relocating Options
* Senior Retirement Communities
* Age Restricted Apartments
* Modular Home Communities
* ECHO or Accessory Unit Housing
* Shared Housing
* Continuing Care or Life Care communities
* Congregate Communities
* Assisted Living
* Board and Care Housing
* Nursing Homes
* Alzheimer Communities
* Senior Day Care
* Short Term Vacation Housing Options
* Cost Comparisons
* Eldercare Locator Number

Investigate your various options. Once you have the information about your options, your decision about a move or selling your home is much easier.

Senior Resource will give some finance information that you may find helpful.

In the event you are planning on selling your existing home, contact Elaine Ashby. She will help you with obtaining the best price and the least amount of inconvenience.

Senior Resource offers information that may be of interest on the following subjects for Colorado:

*Agencies on Aging
* Alzheimer's Communities Regulations
* Annuities
* Apartments
* Assisted LivingRegulations
* Award Winning HMOs
* Continuum of Care Communities
* General Resources
* Health Insurance Counseling and Advocacy Program
* Long Term Care Insurance
* Placement Referral Help for Seniors
* Reverse Mortgages
* State Department of Insurance
* Taxes

 Finance Topics for Seniors

* Comparing Costs for Different Housing Options

* Estate Planning and Totten Trusts

* Trusts

* Pension Rollovers and IRA Distribution Rules

*Property Sale Tax Relief

* Reverse Mortgages

* Social Security

* Social Security Disability

* How to Own Your Life Now and Later

* Helpful Estate Planning and Legal Information and Links
As you develop information for your decision, the following is offered to help you wisely choose your retirement community.

Whatever the needs are of the individual should determine the selection of a retirement community.

1. SECURITY: What about it is important to me?
Neighborhood: Is it safe? Would I feel OK about taking a walk alone?
Facility: What precautions are taken to keep the building secure? Are doors usually locked and monitored?
Staff: Are security personnel on duty?
Lighting: Is there good outside lighting at night?
Emergency: Are fire prevention and planning pursued?
2. LOCATION: What about location is important to me?
Family: Do I have family or friends I want to be close to?
Church: Is it important that I can reach my church easily?
Shopping: Do I want to be able to walk to a shopping center?
Community Center: Do I want to be near to movies, restaurants, or recreation?
Physician: Do I wish to be near to my doctor, clinic or a hospital?
3. OUTSIDE THE FACILITIES: Do I want outside seating, a place to walk, a gardening area? Is there a park nearby?
4. LIVING SPACE: How many of my belongings do I intend to use and will they fit into the space allotted? Do I want or need space for visitors?
5. ENVIRONMENT: Do I want a facility that is warm and homelike or would I prefer a more formal setting? Would I like a more hotel-type atmosphere?
6. COST: How much can I afford to pay initially? How much can I pay monthly? How much do I want to set aside for other expenses?
7. HEALTH CARE: Do I need help with routine health concerns such as shots, blood pressure, etc.? Is there a health care provider on the premises or on call?
8. PERSONAL CARE: Do I need help with my bath, organizing my belongings, cleaning my area, laundry, etc.?
9. MEALS: Do I want any prepared meals? If so, how many? How much am I willing to pay? Is having my own kitchen or kitchenette one of my priorities?
10. TRANSPORTATION: Do I need personal transportation furnished by the facility or just transportation for recreational activities? Is accessibility to public transportation important?
11. INDEPENDENCE: Do I want a voice in policy making? Is there a system set up for this, i.e., a resident council? How much input do I feel it should have?
12. PETS: Do I want a pet with me? Are rules and regulations about pets important to me?
13. ACTIVITIES: What types of activities do I want?
Inhouse: Are structured, scheduled programs important? Is there space for me to pursue my individual activities? Are supplies and equipment available?
Staff: Are competent personnel to plan programs to meet resident individual needs important to me?
Community: Am I interested in planned trips, recreation and opportunities in my community?
When you have completed all the answers, you should have a clear idea of what you are looking for in a retirement community. Use these as criteria in choosing the facilities you wish to visit and as a measurement for those you do visit. DO NOT BE AFRAID TO TRUST YOUR GUT-LEVEL FEELING ABOUT A PLACE! Your own interpretation is important.
For more choices and some information about Denver retirement communities visit "Senior Other Choices" (The above information from Jefferson County Council on Aging.)
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