Thinking of downsizing?

Is crime or security an issue for you?

Is something in your home always in need of repair?

Do you want to travel more but are tied down to your home?

Senior lifestyle allure Senior housing has many meanings.

Low Maintenance responsibilities.

Companionship and friendship.

Simplify senior life and create more freedom to do the things you enjoy.

A report issued by the Denver Regional Council of Governments predicts that the number of people living in Colorado aged 60 and over will increase by 130% by the year 2020. That is just a little less than 20 years away.
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Senior Life in Denver from a real estate perspective
Do I stay where I am? Can I afford to move? What are my choices?

beautiful home
The beautiful home can turn into a hardship in the event physical disabilities come into the picture. (I'm surprised by how many people I talk with that have bad knees, bad backs and some drastic illnesses. . . and they are still in their middle years!)

Those looking for senior housing might be lucky enough to be physically active and simply want a smaller home to take care of. A few Metro Denver new home builders have recognized this need and specialized in "patio homes" and enclaves of smaller, attached housing. Of course there are also homes for sale in the resale market fitting that same description of a "patio home".

Real Estate Update

What kind of lifestyle do you desire for your retirement years?

A few lifestyle choices.
Stay in your home
Buy a patio home
Buy a smaller home
Buy or rent a condominium
Move to a retirement community
Move to an assisted living facility
Move in with your children
Totally Undecided

These are very difficult choices!

Elaine Ashby can help you gather more information about the Denver homes for sale in order that you have more facts to make your decision.

Seniors golfing

When you look at the available Colorado real estate market and its advertising, one would assume that people tend to live in their homes until they reach their 60s or 70s, and then move into a "retirement community" where they can play golf, walk the greenbelts, and socialize with other stylish couples. Is this a pipe dream?

You may want to use the equity of your home as income.

This is possible with a "reverse mortgage".

(Elaine is not necessarily recommending this route but offering information to assist you in making your difficult decision about moving from your existing home or staying in your existing home.)

Senior wondering
Senior alone

Often an older person may be living alone. The retirement fund they counted on has been diminished, or they may be depending on the equity in their home and social security.

The senior lifestyle allure of independence is being threatened.

It is a situation we all could face yet it is a very difficult situation to face. With the aging of the population, it must be faced - and soon - by those in the housing industry.

Attention Seniors

Elaine Ashby is a senior and relates with your stage in life.

Your decision about your own lifestyle will take some time to investigate. Elaine Ashby is available for more information. Feel free to call 1-800-262-1539 Extension 20 or 303-922-2121 or email.

Ask about special senior real estate commissions.


Senior lifestyle

Click here for information about a few of the Largest Denver-area Retirement Complexes

(Price Range from $270 per month to $4,000 per month.)

(Some of the communities will have assisted living available)

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